Binary Options scams took international stage through the media from 2015 through 2019. This is one of the biggest financial scams that operated freely for years often regulated by reputable regulatory bodies.
The scam was simple. A factitious investment vehicle (asset) was created called Binary Options and custom trading platforms were built to cater for this newly created product.
Binary Options used similar terminology to the larger exchanged traded Options industry which is a legitimate trading product, however simplified the investment process as Options theory and the way Options are priced, structured and traded make it one of the harder financial products to understand for novices.
Investors are lured into the binary options with very low initial deposit amounts often as low as $10. They are guided through the trading platform which was built to be simple and easy to use. They open a trade or two and as with most scams, they are shown a win or two on their initial trades.
Most cases, the victim would then be passed onto a senior investment advisor which then pressures them to deposit larger sums of money. The more the victim looses, the more funds they ask for to encourage the victim to win back their losses with attractive bonus offers to get the cycle going another round.
It didn’t take very long for this scam to get noticed and mass publicity. The scammers were not hiding, they had big offices, earning millions in revenue monthly and some even had regulation from EU countries to legally operate these scams.
Many investors lost their life savings and some victims even committed suicide. It took a few years for regulators and the authorities to shut the whole operation down globally and in 2019, the US started prosecuting many large Binary Options scam providers in US courts.

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