Banner Market scams are something we’ve only recently encountered (late 2019). This is still a scam in its infancy and from what we can tell, a very well put together scam.

The scam operates under the premise that users are getting into the digital advertising industry and learning how to make a passive income from digital marketing and banner sales.

Customers sign up, purchase a package and then use the ready made templates of banner ad campaigns from various large well known companies.

The brilliance of this scam is the innocence of the initial concept. A platform that allows users of all experience levels to get a foot hold in the banner advertising market.

They use simple language, it’s not financial and not an investment as such. You have the ability to learn how to do digital marketing through their platforms. Users benefit when their campaigns get clicks and or ad impressions. Simple.

Users are easily fooled into handing over funds to this scam and whilst there is nothing wrong with digital marketing or banner campaigns, this is a pure scam.

How they operate

This scam takes users funds, gives them a nice platform to be able to create custom campaigns and then earn off of the results of the campaigns.

Firstly, the advertisers on the platform are not paying for ads. The ads are not running in any mediums such as Google Ads, FB or others alike. The platform controls what happens to the ads and whether they succeed or not.

Similar to other scams, they tend to give investors a win or two in the beginning to lure them in and gain their trust. Once they trust the provider, the scammers then request larger sums of money which the victims end up loosing.

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